Omega Compost (Organic)


This compost contains only organic ingredients including certified organic fishmeal

Introducing Omega Compost, the ultimate choice for organic gardening enthusiasts seeking a premium compost and potting mix.

This exceptional blend contains solely organic ingredients, including the addition of certified organic fishmeal.

Omega Compost offers a powerhouse of nutrients and beneficial microorganisms, promoting robust plant growth and soil fertility.

The inclusion of fishmeal provides an extra boost of organic matter and essential nutrients for your plants’ optimal health.

With Omega Compost, you can trust that you’re nourishing your garden with the highest quality, environmentally-friendly ingredients, ensuring a thriving and sustainable gardening experience.

Embrace the power of organic gardening with Omega Compost and witness the transformative results in your plants and soil.


  • 1 Scoop covers 5 – 8 m² at 40mm depth
  • Scoop Size = 0.4 m3
  • Standard Bag Size = 35 litres


  • m3 max.
  • View our delivery rates here, available for the region only.
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Scoop Size

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Omega Compost (Organic)
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