Lawn Mix


The perfect ration of topsoil and compost to give your lawn the best start

Introducing Lawn Mix, the solution for giving your lawn the perfect start it deserves.

This carefully formulated compost and screened soil blend offers an ideal ratio of topsoil and nutrient-rich compost, providing the optimal foundation for healthy and thriving grass.

With Lawn Mix, you can achieve lush, vibrant greenery that stands out in any landscape.

The premium quality ingredients ensure improved soil structure, enhanced moisture retention, and nutrient availability, promoting strong root development and overall lawn health.

Give your lawn the best possible start with Lawn Mix and enjoy a beautiful, resilient, and envy-worthy lawn for years to come.


  • 1 Scoop covers 5 – 8 m² at 40mm depth
  • Scoop Size = 0.4 m3


  • m3 max.
  • View our delivery rates here, available for the region only.
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Scoop Size

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Lawn Mix
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