A variety of bark grades- Medium, Nuggets, Forest Floor. We also stock untreated Saw Dust and Wood Shavings (bluegum) for your chicken coops!


We have sooooo many different composts, fertilisers and even our own Baa Moo Poo manure to choose from! We recommend our Fish Compost (it makes stuff grow GOOD!). We have slow release and are the official cash sales distributer for Ravensdown fertilisers. 


WHEN IN SEASON: Blue gum- can be purchased per tractor scoop and loaded into car boots or trailers. We have courtesy trailers for your convenience.


Bay Landscapes stocks Garden Netting, Weed Mat, Eco Wool Weed Mats and Frost Cloth. Protect your hard work from birds, weeds and frost.


Bay Landscapes stocks:

  • 10  Mile (Westcoast Stone): this is an elegant, rounded stone.
  • 12ml Pebbles
  • 19ml Pebbles
  • AP20: need to fix up your driveway? This is your gravel. Great for potholes, packs down well.
  • Bay Brown: chunky, brown tinged gravel.
  • ConAg (concrete aggregate): just the ticket to get your concreting job underway!
  • Crushed Shell: not really gravel but used in a similar way. The shell is mussel and will finish up nice and white.
  • Crusher Dust: use me under pavers, driveways, pathways, bedding for concrete slabs, brick work or even as a base for laying turf.
  • Limestone Chunk: chunky, grey and ruggedly handsome.
  • Tasman Chip (3 grades): golden gravel that finishes up white once the clay washes off and the sunlight does its thing.

Dune Sand: classic beach sand, perfect for your sandpit!
Paving Sand: for all your paving needs...

Come in and borrow one of our trailers or organise a delivery for those larger jobs that you have on the boil.


Natural Paving is new innovative landscaping product for paving. It is a large plastic mat of 40mm honeycomb cells that is 40mm thick. The Mats have a strong permeable geotextile welded to the base. The mats stabilise pebbles so good looking natural pebbles form hard flat pavements that you can walk on like it was concrete, and the geotextile locks the mat on the ground and stops weeds growing through.


A selection of different sized pavers for your path, tree surround, garden edging or stepping stones. These pavers are very popular and come as bricks, square slabs and as rounds.  


Bay Landscapes stocks a range of hay and straws that are suitable for bedding, these come in large black rubbish bag sizes- very convenient!

Phone ahead and ask Lesley about our rabbit hutches.

Chicken wire- so handy for all those chicken and non-chicken related jobs around the place.


We have a large range of plants for all your gardening dreams. From heritage varieties to organics to natives to vegies and herbs, we have a great selection for you! 


Bay Landscapes stocks a range of pond liners and pumps and can help with creative solutions for your pond.


Rocks of different sizes and types. Great flat pieces of schist for stepping stones, boulders as features in gardens, mossy rocks to add to your water features, rocks to create ponds and more! 


Bay Landscapes stocks a high quality Topsoil, our extra special Fish Compost mix and our Nitro Compost.

We also sell BaaMooPoo which is saleyard (cow and sheep) manure. This come chocka block full of worms when purchased by the scoop.

All of these products are sold by the scoop and by the bag.  


Subject to availability, Bay Landscapes stocks Pea Straw, Soya Bean Straw, Barley Straw, Meadow Hay and Organic Linseed (great for trees and shrubs).

Give us a tingle to see what straws are in stock.

Uses: Animal bedding, feed, garden conditioning 


Bay Landscapes has a lovely, rustic supply of wooden posts for you to choose from. We stock macrocarpa  sleepers, Old Telephone Poles, Trellis Fans, Old Fence Batons, Manuka Stakes, punga logs and Bamboo Poles.

The perfect garden edging, stepping or staking materials!


Whole and half wine barrels. These are made from untreated, oak wood. Half wine barrels look fantastic as herb gardens, small fish ponds or drinks holders!

Currently on order- call ahead to ensure these are in stock


We have a lovely variety of water features- Yin Yang, Waves, Glass Fern and more!


Play your part in helping out the environment and get your own water tank. These are awesome!

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